1001 Reasons I Cheated On You: You Asked Why

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People Explain Their Reasons for Cheating

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Ethics and Morality: Right and Wrong Essay

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How She Scored a on Her MCAT -

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Susan Krauss Whitbourne, Ph. Her latest book is The Search for Fulfillment. New research shows the way to be mentally sharp may lie in your personality. New research questions the potential benefits of happiness on longevity. New research exam the role of personality disorders in relationship problems. Back Psychology Today. Back Find Counselling.

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1001 Reasons I Cheated on You

Referring to another research women are looking for passionate men in good shape as their husbands aren't. It also seems that cheating men often dink beer. Well I don't drink beer Just a waste of time. You disgust me, I hope the women you meet find out about you and spread the word.

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  5. Untrustworthy rat. You are disgusting, like someone else also have so aptly observed. Wait till the health consequences of your philandering bite you in your "stick". Disappointing research.